Find out how to get the best from gamification and retain your customers.

QuiCon Game offers an interactive way to retain and reward users, through QuiCon technology, and provide an engagement tool that puts the spotlight on your brand and your sponsors.

Compose your Gamification with riddles, logic games, and general knowledge questions.

Connect the physical environment with the virtual one by QR and make your location more interactive.

Guides users towards clues with a precise and detailed indicator. Compose interactive routes to enhance your location.

Give visibility to your sponsors with localized content based on the user’s position.

Add, between a game and another, clickable banners, logos and targeted content..

Collect data about your customers for marketing research and retargeting operations

Get visibility and increase your brand awareness thanks to the share on social networks.

Game Story, Artwork and Theme are included in the All Inclusive QuiCon package.


Watch the video

Check out our gamification in the video: QR Code, Logic games, general knowledge questions, Instant Game spread across the surface of a shopping center, were overcome thanks to the Beacon technology that give information about the distance from one step to another.


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